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OTC Web Design

Corporate identity & creative direction

I have worked with OTC for many years. The business owner is a close and dear friend and we have collaborated on a number of projects.

OTC lives in Girdwood, Alaska, but was born on a New Zealand vacation a few years ago when a dog called George inspired the "Off the Chain" ethic When we developed the branding for OTC we wanted to create something stark, simple, fresh and unique. It was also important to use imagery that was in keeping with the company's core philosophy.

In the end, we felt like we hit a home run with the identity package. The color scheme worked perfectly and using George the dalmation as the mascot and honorary founder was a no brainer.

At OTC we would like to think we are catalysts. To get our clients' projects or business off the ground and "OFF THE CHAIN".

Need website services? OTC is here to help. Website: www.otcwebdesign.com